Saving resources for a future worth living in

Creating and preserving an environment worth living in requires the commitment of all of us. We feel obliged to harmonize the economic, ecological and social aspects of our business activities. The economical use of our natural resources, such as energy, water or also the avoidance of waste and the reduction of CO2 emissions is therefore particularly close to our hearts. The increasing scarcity and destructive exploitation of finite resources and mineral deposits is a huge global challenge. A growing world population and increasing demands on living standards are exacerbating this situation. It is therefore imperative to continuously increase the efficiency of the resources used. Part of AIXTRON's strategy is therefore to develop technologies that enable our customers to do just that: The development of more energy efficient products. However, the more compact design of chargers, for example, can also help to use resources more economically.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, we strive to further reduce the energy requirements of our manufacturing and research and development sites in Germany and the UK. To this end, we are constantly initiating new projects that will enable us to further reduce our CO2 emissions.

However, it is not only environmental projects, but also the continuous increase in system and process efficiency that enables us both to reduce our own consumption and, through our pioneering technologies, to reduce the energy requirements of our customers.

In 2017, we received the Energy Efficiency Award from the German Energy Agency (dena) for our pioneering, resource-saving energy management concept. The award was in recognition of our digital measurement and remote monitoring of energy data, as well as recognition for the implementation of extensive energy efficiency measures in heating and cooling systems in the "Energy Efficiency 4.0" category.

In addition to the large and important projects, however, there are often a large number of smaller projects that only have a considerable effect when added together and contribute to a constant optimization of consumption. Examples include the optimization of the circulating water cooling system or the conversion of conventional lighting to energy-saving LED lighting. A good overview is provided by our current sustainability report, to which we would like to refer.

a) Climate & Energy

AIXTRON has already been climate neutral*) since 2019. In addition to its innovative technologies and technical solutions, AIXTRON is also a leader in climate protection. 

*) related to Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions and part of Scope 3 emissions


With our plants, technologies and solutions, we enable our customers to take a leading role in the competition with their products and also to convince from a sustainable point of view and to achieve their own climate targets. Our success is the result of our innovative products. Our customers benefit from forward-looking solutions that save costs, conserve resources and are energy-efficient. This is how we have achieved our position as the world's leading developer and producer of deposition equipment for the semiconductor industry. Our customers include companies from promising sectors such as e-mobility (powertrains, charging infrastructure), energy (network circuits), consumer electronics (3D sensor technology, fast charging) and telecommunications (5G networks). We also make a significant contribution to progress in the hygiene, lighting and display technology sectors (mini and micro LEDs). New technologies are the result of extensive research efforts, e.g. within the framework of one of our numerous research cooperations with universities, research institutes and other industrial companies. This results in groundbreaking solutions that can make the world more sustainable, more efficient and better faster.

As one of the leading technology companies
are innovations for the area Energy efficiency and the protection 
of natural resources is our vested interest 
and our core business. Through our products
AIXTRON customers save energy, costs
and reduce their CO2 emissions and
thus their impact on the climate.

Dr. Felix Grawert - Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO) of AIXTRON SE

Energy efficiency and climate protection

Efficient energy management is a key issue in global efforts to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and address the challenges of climate change. At AIXTRON, energy is mainly used in the form of electricity in all steps of the manufacturing of our equipment for the semiconductor industry. Primary energy sources, such as oil and gas, play only a minor role.

b) Water

Water is the basis of all life. For us humans and also for all other living beings on earth, it is a life-giving resource. Water is very limited and, like all other resources, distributed very differently on our planet. Quality and availability are severely threatened by various influences.

We have made it our goal to handle water responsibly and to promote sustainable water use in a targeted and consistent manner - for example, by minimizing water consumption.

Water use

At AIXTRON, we use water primarily in the production process in a cooling circuit for cooling. This is a closed system. The water quality is checked on a monthly basis and only in the rare case that the water quality no longer meets our requirements is the water exchanged. Rainwater and process water, for example from the sanitary area, are fed via the existing sewer system for reprocessing by the waterworks. 

c) Waste

An essential basis for our lives is the use of the resources available to us. Global population growth and increasing economic growth are leading to a growing scarcity of natural, finite resources. Therefore, an increasingly economical and at the same time more efficient use of natural resources is a key competence of sustainable societies and an important requirement for all companies.


Waste and sustainable waste management make an important contribution to reducing our CO2 emissions. We are already thinking about how we can evolve from a consumption economy to a circular economy. For example, we are trying to avoid generating waste more and more wherever possible. We are therefore constantly optimizing our disposal channels and separating waste such as paper and cardboard, films and plastic packaging so that it can be reintroduced into the materials cycle, insofar as the disposal infrastructure in the countries allows this. Here, we work hand in hand with professional waste management companies to ensure that the waste is returned to the materials cycle. Disposing of waste in landfills is a particular burden on the environment and is an unnecessary waste of natural resources. This makes a valuable contribution to climate protection, as.


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