Planetary principle (MOCVD)

The MOCVD mass production systems are based on the Planetary Reactor concept, which is constantly being developed further by AIXTRON. The reactors can accommodate several substrates with diameters from 2 to 8 inches or 200 mm.

The Planetary Reactor ® is based on the principle of a horizontal laminar flow reactor. This ensures the sharpest transitions between different materials and incomparable control of the deposition rates in the area of individual atomic layers. The combination of this principle with the multiple rotation of substrate carriers ensures that the deposition takes place with excellent homogeneity regarding layer thickness, composition and doping. In addition, the special reactor inlet, which allows the separation of some gases, ensures an even radial flow to the outside with an optimally adjustable distribution.

The reactors are inductively heated and can be equipped with various in-situ sensors.