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Customer Service

We maintain close contact with customers, whether by phone, video call or directly on site. We are the point of contact for global support, install AIXTRON’s high-tech systems at our clients’ sites, ensure smooth integration of the machines into the on-site processes and guarantee customer satisfaction. Our focus is on providing skilled advice and support combined with optimal product operation.  


Do you also prioritise solutions-focused customer communication at a global level and is your main objective also to ensure they are satisfied and lock in long-term collaboration? Or are you more interested in assembly, putting systems into operation, analysing errors and maintaining our deposition systems? Learn more about AIXTRON’s diverse Customer Service department and discover a new challenge for your future! 

Service worldwide

Everything we do is guided by our customers and customer satisfaction. Through our holistic advisory service, we ensure that our customers have access to AIXTRON systems at all times. Our high standards in research and product quality are reflected in our service. Whether for upgrades of new functions, on-site installation or regular maintenance, our global teams are on hand to support system operators. Our specialised service and process engineers are organised regionally in seven support centres from Asia to Europe and the USA, so they are never far away from our customers.

What makes Customer Service exciting?

What fascinates me about working in Customer Service? You are always working on new projects with different challenges in a high-tech environment, and so you can witness first hand how new technologies are developing. You also have the opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures and broaden your horizons. 

Gereon Maas – Technical Trainer 

What do you do in Customer Service?

I joined AIXTRON as a process engineer after working in academia for a long time, which was a challenge for me initially. But the considerable support and willingness of my colleagues to teach me helped me be successful.  

Working on high-tech industry issues with leading sector pioneers as customers inspires me and spurs me on. 

Imad Ibrahim, Process Engineer


Take on new challenges and push the limits of what is feasible. Whether you’re a recent graduate, an experienced professional or an apprentice, find the job that challenges you and makes you successful with us. 

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