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Previous figures show that AIXTRON is an efficient company. However, we will never rest on our laurels. We intend to make even better use of our potential, utilize our resources more efficiently and be more proactive in exploiting our opportunities. We know exactly what we want, and we know exactly how we are going to get it.

Our shares are listed on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. They are represented in major national and international stock indices

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19. July 2018 | Press releases

Miniaturization of power supplies: AIXTRON delivers key MOCVD technology to NexGen Power Systems

Company focuses on vertical transistors for small, efficient GaN-on-GaN power conversion systems for various applications

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17. July 2018 | Press releases

Changelight orders additional AIXTRON systems

Company expands MOCVD capacity for ROY fine pitch and mini LEDs with AIXTRON's flagship product AIX 2800G4-TM

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02. May 2018 | Press releases

VPEC expands capacities with AIXTRON technology

Taiwanese epi foundry chooses AIXTRON MOCVD systems to meet growing demand for lasers and other devices

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11. April 2018 | Press releases

AIXTRON provides basic technology for satellites

AZUR SPACE relies on AIXTRON technology to manufacture multi-III-V space and concentrator solar cells

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