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Research & Development

AIXTRON has two state-of-the-art research and development laboratories: one at its headquarters in Herzogenrath, North Rhine-Westphalia and the other in Cambridge, UK. Both are equipped with latest-generation systems that the teams use to develop new processes, materials and production processes. In addition, there is a cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute in Erlangen in the form of a laboratory team as well as several research and development systems. Our close collaboration with our international sales and service branches ensures customer-focused product development. The Research & Development department shores up AIXTRON’s market position with its innovative products. Investment in developing new technologies and products is always an investment in the future, too.

Forward-looking work

Our teams are responsible for developing new mass-produced products. This includes the qualification of semiconductors on new systems that are ultimately passed on to the customer as well as the deposition processes that are used to apply the individual layers to the semiconductors. In a structured product-development process, the teams collaborate with many other departments of the company. For instance, with Marketing, the requirements of the market are analysed in detail and summarised as technical requirements and functions on the basis of this analysis. This enables us to deliver a product that is perfectly in line with the market’s requirements. 

What are you working on at AIXTRON?

AIXTRON provides exciting challenges involving the constant enhancement of complex systems that are in demand all over the world. As a systems engineer, I work to devise, define and validate requirements for improving these systems and future products.

Annegret Niesche, System Engineerin

What our department does

We conduct research and development in tandem with outstanding universities and research centres in various programmes. The project managers in AIXTRON’s Project Management Office are in charge of the development work. The individual research activities advance the specialist departments such as Core Engineering, Software, Laboratory and Simulation

Our research projects

You will find several highlights of our current and completed research projects here:

Current research

Completed projects 

What do you like about your job?

As a process engineer, I develop epitaxy processes of compound semiconductors in AIXTRON reactors. These compound semiconductors lay the foundations for tomorrow’s technology trends. In my line of work, teamwork and communication are essential. I am often an interface and contact for process-relevant issues across multiple departments, which I really enjoy, because I find this collaboration with colleagues in other departments hugely exciting and motivating.

Sebastian Beer, Process Engineer


Developing solutions together

I work for AIXTRON as production manager of a pilot line. What I find particularly exciting about this job is the variety of challenges for which we jointly develop solution strategies that move us forward as a company. When we come to work as a team with a smile on our faces, achieve our common goals, and go home at the end of the day with a good feeling, that is my greatest reward.

Michael Schulz, Supervisor Pilot Linie

Why have you been at AIXTRON for 20 years?

I am often asked how it is possible to work for AIXTRON for 20 years without getting bored. My answer: because of the dynamic development in those 20 years and my job as a project manager – every year has been different. Project management means a regular change of topics and teams, always embarking on something new. And AIXTRON’s development ensures that there are always plenty of new, interesting topics.

Christoph Giesen, Project Manager


What makes AIXTRON an exciting employer?

At AIXTRON, every day is different, and there are always new tasks awaiting you. Often, creative solutions are required in order to overcome challenges. I work with colleagues from the various departments, learning lots of new things and constantly discovering new topics. In tandem with our customers, we are working on the technology of the future and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is feasible.

Tim Hüselitz, MOCVD Engineer


Take on new challenges and push the limits of what is feasible. Whether you’re a recent graduate, an experienced professional or an apprentice, find the job that challenges you and makes you successful with us. 


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