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We have a keen eye for detail. Nothing gets past us. We analyse everything down to the last detail. That is what our diverse Quality department is all about. The department works on general quality management topics from development right down to the final product. We think outside the box, quickly adapt to new markets and ever-increasing customer requirements and have lots of freedom to do our job. Because we know that we can always make it a little bit better. This also applies to our own quality aspirations. Do you enjoy working closely with other departments and external partners? Do you want to shape the future, make a difference and make a mark? If so, take the initiative at AIXTRON and set new standards for quality with us. 

The perfectionists

Customers expect top quality from our projects and systems. We adopt the resultant requirements and champion them within the company on an interdisciplinary basis. We are responsible implementing internal quality targets and compliance with the applicable standards. In addition, through training and information, we ensure that our specifications and process optimisations are applied and continuously enhanced in all departments at AIXTRON. 

What do find interesting about your job?

The breadth of knowledge and diversity of cultures at AIXTRON are really fascinating. We have experts from all over the world who deliver vital insights for developing advanced technologies. By systematically combining this information with customer expectations in the context of a defined process, AIXTRON can continuously deliver high-quality products that are at the forefront of our industry. 

Benjamin Beck, Requirements Quality Expert 

What does a career AIXTRON have to offer?

AIXTRON is a key player in the global transformation towards a greener world. I joined AIXTRON to be part of this change and use my skills and knowledge to play an active role in delivering high-quality products for our customers. 

Pavla Kloss, Department Manager Supplier Quality



Take on new challenges and push the limits of what is feasible. Whether you’re a recent graduate, an apprentice or an experienced professional, find the job that challenges you and makes you successful with us. 


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Tom Lankes
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