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Application Process & Tips

Whether you have found the right vacancy in our career portal or are looking to submit an unsolicited application to AIXTRON, we are delighted that you are interested in shaping the future with us! From your online application and the selection phase through to the final decision, this page will explain the various steps in the process. 


Looking for some advice or answers to your questions? Our tips for your application will help. 


Your online application: Upload, submit, done!

The application process begins with you uploading your application documents to our career portal. As well as being the quickest way to apply, it ensures the greatest possible data security. 


All of your documents, like your covering letter (optional), CV and references, can be uploaded directly to our portal. A few technical details: The individual files must not exceed 5 MB. In total, a maximum of 25 MB may be uploaded. Permitted file formats are .jpg, .png, .gif and .pdf.


How it works

Want to be a part of our team? Submit your application now.

  1. Go to “Job search” and click the “Apply now” button in the respective job advertisement or under Unsolicited application.
  2. Please follow the instructions above/below the input fields in the form. 
  3. Upload your documents. Please observe the requirements concerning permitted file formats and maximum file sizes.
  4. All done! We will get back to you promptly with a confirmation of receipt.

The next steps:

You’ve clicked the last button and the confirmation of receipt has landed in your inbox. Now it’s over to us: Human Resources and the relevant specialist department will examine your documents. It’s a match? Then we’ll move on to the next round.


Streamlined process for high school and university students



Are you a pupil or student? Then there is usually only one interview waiting for you - sometimes two in exceptional cases. Otherwise, the application process is similar, but a little faster. We look forward to meeting you.


Take on new challenges and move the needle of what’s possible. Whether you’re an experienced professional, fresh from university or an apprentice, find the job that challenges you and makes you.


Your point of contact

Human Resources - Recruitment

Laura Preinich


Your point of contact

Human Resources - Talent Acquisition

Tom Lankes

Talent Acquisition Expert- Ausbildungsleitung


AIXTRON SE (Headquarters)

AIXTRON 24/7 Technical Support Line



AIXTRON K.K. (Japan)

AIXTRON Korea Co., Ltd.

AIXTRON Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Main Office)



Vincent Meric
Vice President Marketing


Laura Preinich

Tom Lankes
Talent Acquisition Expert- Ausbildungsleitung


Christoph Pütz
Senior Manager ESG & Sustainability

Company & Investor Relations

Christian Ludwig
Vice President

Carsten Werle
Director Investor Relations (Interim)

Press & Public Relation

Ragah Dorenkamp
Director Corporate Communications

Research & Development

Prof. Dr. Michael Heuken
Vice President Advanced Technologies