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17. December 2019 | Press releases

AIXTRON is climate neutral

Group promotes energy efficiency and certified climate protection projects to offset unavoidable CO2 emissions

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10. December 2019 | Press releases

AIXTRON successfully qualified for MicroLED production at PlayNitride

PlayNitride prepares high-volume manufacturing of MicroLEDs with follow-up order of AIX G5+ C

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03. December 2019 | Press releases

Sumitomo Electric launches 150mm GaN-on-SiC production with AIXTRON Planetary® system

AIX G5+ supports capacity ramp-up for RF device manufacturing

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07. November 2019 | Press releases

EpiWorld accelerates Commercialization of SiC Devices with new AIXTRON Tool

AIX G5 WW C offers best-in-class production quality at lowest cost

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Group Annual Financial Report 2019 Date February 27, 2020 Reminder Erinnerung
Quarterly Group Statement Q1/2020 Date April 30, 2020 Reminder Erinnerung
Annual General Meeting 2020 Date May 20, 2020 Reminder Erinnerung
Half-Year Group Financial Report H1/2020 Date July 23, 2020 Reminder Erinnerung
Quarterly Group Statement 9M/2020 Date October 29, 2020 Reminder Erinnerung

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