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16. January 2019 | Press releases

San’an Optoelectronics expands ROY LED production with multiple AIX 2800G4-TM systems

Fine Pitch Displays continue to raise demand for red LEDs

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09. January 2019 | Press releases

PlayNitride selects AIX G5+ C for Micro LED production

AIXTRON and PlayNitride sign Joint Collaboration Agreement to accelerate technical and commercial breakthroughs of Micro LEDs

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03. January 2019 | Press releases

BluGlass enters collaboration with AIXTRON

Evaluation of RPCVD technology is carried out with AIX 2800G4-HT system

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21. November 2018 | Press releases

InnoScience powers GaN device development with multiple AIXTRON MOCVD systems

AIX G5+ C high-volume manufacturing platform paves way to high-performing 650V GaN-on-Si devices

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FY/2018 Results Date February 26, 2019 Reminder Erinnerung
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Q1/2019 Results Date April 30, 2019 Reminder Erinnerung
Annual General Meeting 2019 Date May 15, 2019 Reminder Erinnerung
H1/2019 Results Date July 25, 2019 Reminder Erinnerung
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