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28. February 2020 | Press releases

Corona case at AIXTRON - No restrictions on business operations

In the evening of February 27, 2020, AIXTRON was informed by an employee that he had been tested positive for the novel Corona virus. We wish him a speedy and full recovery!

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17. December 2019 | Press releases

AIXTRON is climate neutral

Group promotes energy efficiency and certified climate protection projects to offset unavoidable CO2 emissions

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10. December 2019 | Press releases

AIXTRON successfully qualified for MicroLED production at PlayNitride

PlayNitride prepares high-volume manufacturing of MicroLEDs with follow-up order of AIX G5+ C

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Quarterly Group Statement Q1/2020 Date April 30, 2020 Reminder Erinnerung
Annual General Meeting 2020 Date May 20, 2020 Reminder Erinnerung
Half-Year Group Financial Report H1/2020 Date July 23, 2020 Reminder Erinnerung
Quarterly Group Statement 9M/2020 Date October 29, 2020 Reminder Erinnerung

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