Showerhead principle (MOCVD)

With Close Coupled Showerhead technology, the process-relevant gases are introduced into the reactor through the water-cooled showerhead surface across the entire coating surface. The distance between the showerhead and the substrates is very small. The gas inlet is designed so that the individual gases are separated by many narrow tubes up to just before the inlet. The gases are introduced into the reactor through separate openings in the water-cooled showerhead to achieve a very even distribution of the process gases.

The Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) concept allows a variety of susceptor substrate configurations with a maximum capacity of 121x2, 31x4 or 12x6 inch wafers to be used for mass production of GaN components.

The substrates lie on a rotating susceptor, which is heated by a resistance heater. The temperature profile can be adjusted by separate heating zones so that the susceptor always has the same temperature on the entire surface.