The foundation of a successful future. Our background.

"The future belongs to optoelectronics." With these words, physicist Dr. Holger Jürgensen described his vision, which became a reality in 1983 with the founding of AIXTRON. Together with Dr. Meino Heyen, he developed the first MOCVD research system at RWTH Aachen for a market that did not even exist at the time.

Today, AIXTRON is a global player – and has been a market leader for many years now. Besides our head offices in Herzogenrath (Germany), the company has research labs and branch offices in China, the United Kingdom and the US. In the booming Asian market, there are also sales and service offices representing the company in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

To this day, the original passion of the AIXTRON founders and their feeling for marketable ideas have played a major role in our daily work to enhance AIXTRON products, services, and solutions.

AIXTRON’s founders

The company’s founders (from left to right): Heinrich Schumann, Dr. Holger Jürgensen and Dr. Meino Heyen.

AIXTRON chronology

  • 1983 // Company founded by employees of the Institute for Semiconductor Technology at RWTH Aachen. The name "AIXTRON" is formed from the French name for Aachen, which is Aix-la-Chapelle and “electronics.”
  • 1985 // Commissioning of the first AIXTRON MOCVD system.
  • 1988 // Received German Industry Innovation Award.
  • 1989 // Exclusive license from Philips for Planetary Reactor technology.
  • 1990 // Delivery of the first MOCVD multi-wafer system.
  • 1994 // First deposition system for producing blue LEDs.
  • 1997 // Initial public offering (IPO): Shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (TecDAX®) for the first time.
  • 1999 // Took over Thomas Swan Scientific Equipment Division, UK (known today as AIXTRON Ltd.), and thereby the company’s entire MOCVD systems and service business, based on ‘Close Coupled Showerhead’ technology.
  • 1999 // Took over Sweden-based EPIGRESS AB (known today as AIXTRON AB), and expanded the portfolio by adding SiC CVD technology.
  • 2005 // Acquired Genus, Inc. (USA) in March and integrated into the portfolio another type of deposition technology (ALD) for the silicon and data storage industry; currently known as AIXTRON Inc., based in Sunnyvale/CA.
  • 2007 // Took over Nanoinstruments Ltd. (UK) and expanded the product range in the area of nanotechnology (PE)CVD; integrated the unit into AIXTRON Ltd., UK.
  • 2010 // Inaugurated the 16,000-square meter, high-tech R&D center in Herzogenrath.
  • 2010 // The G5 and CRIUS II systems were rolled out onto market.
  • 2011 // Delivery of the 2,000th AIXTRON MOCVD system to Changelight Co., Ltd. 
  • 2011 // AIXTRON offers the CRIUS II-XL as a production system with the highest wafer capacity.
  • 2012 // Opening of a Training Center & Lab in Suzhou, China in March.
  • 2013 // The G5+ Planetary Reactor for GaN-on-Si wins the CS Industry Award and the Aurora Award.
  • 2013 // 30 years of future-oriented technology: AIXTRON celebrates its 30th anniversary.
  • 2014 // AIXTRON launched the new Showerhead reactor AIX R6 for LED mass production.
  • 2017 // Sale of ALD/CVD product line for memory chips
  • 2017 // Winning the Energy Efficiency Award of the German Energy Agencie (dena)
  • 2017 // AIXTRON focuses product portfolio
  • 2018 // AIXTRON reports strong demand for systems for 3D sensing laser production in smartphones
  • 2019 // AIXTRON switches its power supply completely to renewable energies
  • 2019 // AIXTRON becomes carbon neutral company   


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