AIXTRON's Company Principles

Our vision, our mission, our values.

Our guidelines for our daily actions

AIXTRON enjoys an outstanding reputation worldwide as a technology leader in the semiconductor industry. This reputation is the result of more than 30 years of successful work, our employees’ excellence, the integrity with which we conduct our business and the respect we show for the interests of our customers.

Our vision

Our vision describes the mutual targets we set ourselves, where we want to go. We align our activities toward these targets.  

We are the recognized technology leader in complex material deposition.

We enable our customers to successfully shape the markets of the future, exploiting the potential offered by new materials.

We deliver the performance driving economic success through our expertise, our employees and the quality of our products.

Our mission

Our mission describes the way how we want to reach our targets, what we stand for. The mission is always part of our daily work.

People Excellence.
We build on the expertise of our employees and our network to create an innovation eco-system delivering profitable and sustainable business.

We innovate and enhance deposition processes to manufacture complex materials as pathways for new applications and products.

Customer Focus.
We focus on our customers’ needs, collaborating trustfully with all our business partners.

Our values

Our values build the foundation for our entrepreneurial behavior and for all we do at AIXTRON. They determine our interactions with each other as well as our conduct towards our customers and business partners. 

Leading position driven by targeted actions

Setting standards rather than following them

Building a healthy corporate culture based on open communication                                      

Acting as role model for sustainable success