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Our culture

o us at AIXTRON, it is clear that innovation is only possible through genuine dialogue. People with different origins, cultures and approaches to life come here and create something new together. That is why different opinions matter to us so that we can achieve the best results together – from various perspectives and with different approaches, but always with the same goal. 


As an employee, you can and are expected to contribute your knowledge and personality. We in turn expect and encourage constant learning.  Because your personal growth means growth for AIXTRON. 


Our cooperation 

AIXTRON is agile, fast, close to its markets and customers, creative and curious – just like our employees. Our actions are guided by sustainability. We work on tasks and problems until they are truly resolved: in our operations, in our interaction with each other and on environmental issues.  


Appreciation, respect, discussions as equals and knowing that teamwork is the key to optimum results are key factors in our success. We all share a fascination for technology – it makes working at AIXTRON unique! 


Of course, focused work is not everything: we also love celebrating with each other and get together at our summer and Christmas parties and at many team events. In addition, people from different departments and hierarchies exchange together at lunch and in coffee breaks. Everyone treats each other informally – from Executive Board to apprentices. 


Going to work is always a joy

I love working at AIXTRON, as I get to work independently on extremely interesting tasks. The team gets on well and is willing to help at all times, which is why going to work is always a joy. The line manager is great, and there's a familiar atmosphere. What is more, the remuneration is good, and there are limitless training opportunities. 

Johann Freitag, MOCVD Engineer 

Challenge yourself and what is technically feasible!

We develop the technologies of the future for the high-tech products beyond the horizon. Every day, we push the boundaries of what is technically feasible that little bit further. As a team, we invent tomorrow’s technology – and our approach is not just forward-thinking and open to innovation. We are also focused on sense of purpose and sustainability.  

It’s all about the mix

We are successful because instead of just accepting things, we test, question and discuss them as a team. And what would a discussion be without different points of view? The same applies to diversity.  


Our workforce has people of over 40 nationalities as well as different cultures and religions. We have a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination. Our corporate culture is constructive and inclusive. These are the shared values that all AIXTRON employees exemplify. And ultimately, our company and everyone in the team benefits from them. After all, diversity in action and constant dialogue lay the foundations for innovation. 


We are committed to the German Diversity Charter and have set out our understanding of diversity in various publications, manuals and guides. There are mandatory compliance courses, reporting procedures in the event of breaches of our policies and, in particular, measures to establish equal pay through regular internal and external benchmarking.  

Getting to know the world

Boosting creativity and innovation is not the only benefit of working in a flexible and diverse working environment. We learn much more about the world as well! 

Lina Sanchez de Tagle, Supervisor Software Qualification

Our responsibility

Social, environmental and economic activities influence each other and have tangible impacts on the future – on that of AIXTRON and of our customers and society as a whole. We are aware of our responsibility, which makes us even more committed to sustainability.  


Constant improvement is our goal: for the good of the environment, society and, of course, our company.  


Are you motivated to work for a responsible company and develop products and technologies that can help change the world? If so, join our team! 

Sustainability at AIXTRON

Our responsibility – your motivation

We are climate-neutral

Protecting the climate means a great deal to AIXTRON. We make every effort to minimise our environmental footprint and keep our CO2 emissions to a minimum. With our products and solutions, we ensure that the energy efficiency of numerous technologies can be increased significantly. For example, we play an active role in reducing avoidable greenhouse-gas emissions. 

In addition, AIXTRON has been sourcing all its electricity from renewable energies since 2019. We offset the remaining CO2 emissions through certified climate-protection projects. AIXTRON is thus a climate-neutral company. 


Take on new challenges and push the limits of what is feasible. Whether you’re a recent graduate, an experienced professional or an apprentice, find the job that challenges you and makes you successful with us

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