Customer Service

"Our top objective is long-term collaboration with our customers."
- Arjan Kalwij, Director Customer Service

Our high standards in research and product quality are reflected in our excellent customer services. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Whether we are developing customized CVD systems, installing them at your location, doing periodic maintenance, or expanding systems, we are committed to meeting your individual needs.

Our AIXTRON service team is ready to serve you anywhere in the world. Besides our head office in Herzogenrath near Aachen, our UK office in Cambridge and our US office in Santa Clara (California), we offer reliable support through our branch locations in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other service centers. Count on us for being fast, flexible, and available wherever and whenever you need us.

AIXTRON Service Center worldwide

Service at AIXTRON offers:


  • Technical phone support (24/7)
  • Inventory of key spare parts for short delivery times
  • Specialized service and process engineers on site
  • Regional service centers
  • Operating cost calculations
  • Service and maintenance contracts

24/7 Technical Support Line

Our service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With our reliable 24/7 Technical Support Line, we make sure that you can reach an AIXTRON Customer Service representative around the clock.

Contact the AIXTRON 24/7 Technical Support Line directly:
+49 (2407) 9030-999

In addition, our Service Centers are available for technical assistance during regular local business hours worldwide, thereby offering you and your company integrated support.

AIXTRON Service Center

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and we look forward to hearing from you.

AIXTRON Training Center & Lab

For optimized technical assistance, we offer technical support, as well as customized training with experts from the industry. The training programs can take place at the AIXTRON Training Center & Lab in Germany, in China (Suzhou), or directly at your location.

Whether you need basic orientation training for your facility systems as part of standardized training, or require specialized training tailored to your company, our programs are geared to your specifications and thereby ensure the long-term production capacity of your systems.

Training for:
  • Technical managers
  • Process engineers
  • Maintenance and service personnel
  • System users
Improve your:
  • Operating times
  • Quality of processes and components
  • Yields
  • Operating costs


Seminars and workshops cover the following topics:
  • MOCVD-Systems: Basics
  • MOCVD-Systems: Advanced stage
  • Principles of MOCVD technology
  • In-situ monitoring and ex-situ characterization of epitaxial layer
  • Process tuning - Planetary Reactor
  • Process tuning - Close Coupled Showerhead
  • Device understanding and correlation to epitaxial growth
  • Fab-automation, MES-interface

The following training courses can be selected at the AIXTRON Training Center & Lab.


In a rapidly expanding market environment, your company’s product and service portfolio is also changing. Our experts are available to upgrade your AIXTRON systems with custom-tailored solutions to meet your changing needs.

By upgrading to the next system-type or to new technical specifications, you extend your return on investment. That allows you to respond flexibly to new market requirements, and to redefine corporate objectives.

All system-specific upgrade information is provided subject to reservations and must be adapted to the customer’s requirements.

That’s why a cost proposal includes a technical feasibility review – free of charge.

AIXTRON Spare Parts

Fully stocked spare parts warehouses around the world – for us, that’s a given. We deliver the required components quickly and reliably. We offer expert installation, thereby ensuring that you can resume production after only a short delay. We can also produce customer-specific spare parts upon request.


Your regional contacts


Mr. Yun Ling

Phone: +86 21 64453226
Extension: 207

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Mr. Satoshi Fujii

Phone: +81 3 5781 0932

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Mr. Brian Chuang

Phone: +886 3 5712 678
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Mr. Hajrudin Sakanovic

Phone: +49 (2407) 9030-674

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South Korea

Mr. Chanyoung Han

Phone: +82 31 371 3023

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Mr. Colin Wong

Phone: +1 669 228-3759

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