AIXTRON works together with the best and most efficient suppliers to meet the high quality demands of our customers in the semiconductor industry. We want to maintain this standard as part of an open and sustained partnership with our business collaborators in the future as well.

When choosing suppliers, in addition to quality, price, and availability, we also consider criteria such as environmental protection, social responsibility, and integrity in business practices. Our code of conduct requires AIXTRON employees to behave in an honest and fair way in our partnership with suppliers. We also expect our suppliers to uphold environmental and social standards as well as compliance regulations.

AIXTRON suppliers

  • ... are interested in a long-term partnership.
  • ... support our aims effectively.
  • ... meet the AIXTRON principles on health and occupational safety,  environmental protection, quality assurance, and corporate responsibility.
  • ... offer excellent service that meets our customer’s needs quickly and flexibly.
  • ... guarantee consistently high product quality that 
    keeps our customers satisfied.
  • ... offer competitive prices that are comparable on the world market.

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