Progress – layer by layer. From the blue LED to graphene transistors.

Our systems can be found wherever the future is taking shape. We are the technology leader in gas-phase deposition material coating applications that are the basis for many high-tech applications seen in everyday use.

LED – we’re lighting up the future

The international LED market is booming. For a long time now, thanks to their high efficiency and longevity, light-emitting diodes have presented a future-oriented alternative to conventional lighting. With the world’s biggest MOCVD reactor capacity, we are laying the foundation for the high-efficiency production of semiconductor materials. Layer by layer, we enable our customers to manufacture the largest capacity of the highest-quality components made from various material types.

Electronics of the future – we get markets moving

In the rapidly growing power electronics market, there is a tremendous demand for high-efficiency components. Our technologies are innovation drivers and the core of future-oriented power electronics:

  • In drive technology, as central components for developing innovative actuation concepts as part of smart electromobility.

  • As a key link between power generation and power utilization in smart grids.

Compound semiconductors, graphene, carbon nanotubes and nanowires possess unique electronic properties which make them potential candidates for integration into next generation computer chips.

AIXTRON – we support Nobel Prize winners

Our “Made in Germany” technologies are some of the world’s most sophisticated. Leading scientists from around the world base their research on the process technology of our precise and flexible systems. AIXTRON supports researchers such as Prof. Dr. Andre Geim and Prof. Dr. Konstantin Novoselov, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 for their pioneering work in the field of graphene research, as well as Prof. Dr. Zhores Alferov, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for the development of semiconductor hetero structures for high speed- and opto-electronics in 2000.


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