At AIXTRON, we’re committed to upholding high standards in corporate governance and ethical practices.

We believe our comprehensive internal policies and procedures provide a structure for the operation of AIXTRON that is consistent with the best interests of all our stakeholders as well as the requirements of the law. A key element of good corporate governance is an organization that ensures compliance with the laws, rules and regulations.

AIXTRON's Group-wide Compliance Code of Conduct contains important principles and rules on the following topics that help to provide to employees in their day-to-day business and decision-making processes:

  • Responsible and risk-conscious conduct throughout the organization
  • Conformity of the entire AIXTRON organization with legal, regulatory and internal requirements as well as ethical and social guidelines and values;
  • Fair and respectful coexistence without any form of discrimination;
  • Avoid conflicts of interest by strictly separating AIXTRON's interests from those of its business partners;
  • Employee involvement in Public Affairs;
  • Dealing with Corporate Property;
  • Dealing with confidential company information, in particular business and company secrets and personal data;
  • Communication with the public, in particular the media and investors;
  • Commitment to fair competition in compliance with all applicable competition and antitrust laws;
  • Compliance with AIXTRON's anti-corruption policy;
  • Conduct towards the capital market, in particular in dealing with insider information;
  • Environmentally and safety-conscious behavior in the workplace;
  • Product conformity with international and national laws and standards and ensuring of product safety;
  • Reporting, handling and sanctioning of violations of the provisions of the Compliance Code of Conduct.

The full text of AIXTRON's Compliance Code of Conduct is available on our website at:


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