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Software Development

AIXTRON is well-known worldwide for its first-rate machinery to produce metal-organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD). This technology is used to produce high-quality compound semiconductor wafers, which are indispensable as key components in modern electronics and communications technology. 

Without smart software, developed by smart thinkers, even the best machinery will not work. 

Software Development is thus essential for the performance of our automation modules and systems. 

The highly complex processes in our systems require not only the utmost mechanical engineering quality and precision, they also demand smart connectivity and the assessment and evaluation of all sensor and actuator data, i.e. the actual current flow, the ratio of voltage to current, the temperature of the transformer, the starting torque and other data reported back by the actuators.  


The close links between hardware and software mean that mechanical engineers and top software specialists have to work hand in hand and communicate on an interdisciplinary basis. The best software experts ensure that our products set market standards around the world.  


The work of our development teams is directly visible, as it breathes intelligence into mechanics and electronics and creates first-class products that set new standards, for example in electric vehicles and face recognition in smartphones or telecommunications.  


Together, we drive progress in our high-tech sector.  


Do you want to help shape the future with us? 

What we do

We develop, test and maintain all aspects of our generic software framework “AIXTRON Software Suite”.  


In our team, we specify, develop, qualify and configure all applications until they are perfect, from real-time application for controlling all system components to process module control to multi-chamber control with its highly automated processes and the point of contact with the factory (MES = Manufacturing Execution System).


We collect all the requirements from different product development projects in one backlog. The software implemented in various teams using agile development methods is then returned to the development projects and production in two release cycles a year. We work particularly closely with the Metrology and Control departments and the Data Science team. 

What makes this department so exciting?

very day at AIXTRON brings something new, as our technologies develop one step further each and every day. In software development, we focus on providing high-quality software products that make our systems less complex, resulting in very attractive and dynamic day-to-day work. 

Lina Sanchez de Tagle, Supervisor Software Qualification  

AIXTRON insight: A closer look at AIXpert 

AIXpert is one of our highlights. It comprises four modules: process, maintenance, diagnostics and analytics. Accordingly, not only does it help our customers with planning and carrying out maintenance, it also supports them in smart recipe generation, analysis of comparisons and rules and automatic statistical evaluations of all system data recorded during the deposition processes.

Key contribution to system function

My job at AIXTRON SE is exciting and makes a key contribution to the correct functioning of our systems. It is exciting because we work with the latest methods and technologies, meaning that we always keep our software up to date and are constantly enhancing it. In turn, this helps ensure our systems are extremely reliable, which allows our customers to produce top-quality products. 

Jörg Beckers, Core Software Developer 


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