Sustainability at AIXTRON

Our csr responsibility as a company

Act responsibly and prudently

We know that social, ecological and economic activities and services influence each other and have tangible interactions. As a supplier to a pioneering key industry, we conduct our business prudently, responsibly and with the interests of all stakeholders in mind. Our efforts are therefore aimed at a future for our company, our customers and society that is characterised by sustainability.

Sustainability is much more than simply fulfilling regulations and rules. It must be an expression of a constant and serious effort to improve our economic, ecological and social aspects on a lasting basis. We also want our employees to be motivated to work for a responsible company and to develop products that can help change the world.

The deposition equipment of AIXTRON - one of the world's leading suppliers to the semiconductor industry - is used to manufacture high-performance components for electronic and opto-electronic applications based on compound and organic semiconductor materials.

We can influence the design and development of our products to a particular extent. We contribute to a significant reduction in the energy consumption of our clients’ products and their customers by means of our forward-looking technologies, but also by applying industry 4.0 processes. For example, power components (III-V semiconductors) made of gallium nitride (GaN) with a large band spacing, such as those manufactured on our systems, require considerably less energy for the same or higher performance than conventional silicon-based power chips.

We are also continuously reducing the environmental impact in the manufacturing process and in our building technology by using energy and other natural resources consciously and responsibly.