AIXTRON spare parts – delivered around the world promptly and with the customer service you require.

AIXTRON spare parts

Fully stocked spare parts warehouses around the world – for us, that’s a given. We deliver the required components quickly and reliably. We offer expert installation, thereby ensuring that you can resume production after only a short delay. We can also produce customer-specific spare parts upon request.
You can log into the RMA system here. 

AIXTRON spare parts warehouses: an overview


Mr. Yun Ling

Phone: +86 21 64453226
Extension: 207

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Mr. Hajrudin Sakanovic

Phone: +49 (2407) 9030-674

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Mr. Satoshi Fujii

Phone: +81 3 5781 0932

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South Korea

Mrs. Jae-Kyung Kim

Phone: +82 10 6878 1823

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Mr. Brian Chuang

Phone: +886 3 5712 678
Extension: 250

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