Closed Coupled Showerhead® Flip Top Reactor

“MOCVD system for R&D and small scale production”

Key Benefits

  • Proven Close Coupled Showerhead®
    • True scaling from R&D to mass production
    • Inherently uniform and reproducible growth for all material systems
    • High flexibility in process window for excellent material quality and uniformity
  • Ideal for small R&D budgets: lowest running cost
    • Low gas flows and high precursor efficiency
    • Easy and low cost maintenance

Product Features

  • Reliable 3-zone heater
  • High flexibility for optional MO hydride sources
  • Digital mass flow controllers and pressure controllers
  • Professional AIXACT® Advanced Control System with HTML-based GUI
  • Compact footprint


  • Dynamic process gap adjustment – effective process tuning for higher performance
  • 1300 °C surface temperature kit
  • Versatile in-situ monitoring portfolio: Laytec EpiTT, EpiCurveTT, and many others on request
  • AIXTRON ARGUS thermal mapping device
  • AIXTRON’s Epison gas concentration sensors for improved accuracy of precursor injection


  • 3x2 inch, 1x4 inch, 1x3 inch, 1x2 inch (by simple carrier exchange)
  • 6x2 inch, 3x3 inch, 1x6 inch (by simple carrier exchange)

CCS Flip Top Reactor 3x2 inch / 6x2 inch

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Product Management

Dr. Jens Voigt