BM Pro

“Leading R&D platform for graphene and carbon nanotubes”

Key Benefits

  • High-quality graphene and carbon nanotubes on wafers and foil substrates
  • Showerhead gas distribution for improved uniformity
  • Bottom and top heating technology, temperatures up to 1050 °C
    with ramp rate up to 300°C/min
  • Thermal and plasma enhanced CVD for process flexibility
  • Up to 10 gas channels for wide gas source selection

Product Features

  • Cold wall thermal and plasma enhanced CVD technology
  • Showerhead gas distribution
  • Automatic process control with proven recipes
  • Multi-user management and reporting tools
  • Integrated process camera
  • Safety system with full data logging

Substrate size / configurations

  • Configurable substrate sizes: 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch
  • Epitaxial growth with temperatures up to 1700 °C
  • Liquid delivery
  • Turbo pumping
  • Extra feedthroughs, ports, liquid delivery and infrastructure options

BM Pro

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Product Management

Dr. Jens Voigt