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LED innovations – driven by light.

Why the demand for LEDs will continue to rise.

LED technology at the AIXTRON research center

Many countries, especially the Asian markets, are contributing to a healthy investment climate.

The LED market potential is immense and the doors to this market have just opened. Over the next few years, the growth and development of the LED industry will gain steam. This outcome will be due to LEDs (light-emitting diodes) no longer being a niche item, and emerging onto the mass market. The future of lighting will be built on smart, innovative, and semiconductor-based LEDs. 

New areas of application accelerate demand

Up until just a few years ago, LEDs held a niche position in stage lighting; these days, they are becoming more and more prevalent in the public, industrial, and personal spheres. The lighting industry continues to develop promising applications for LEDs. AIXTRON is playing a major role in the value chain thanks to its key technologies, methods, and products related to semiconductor manufacturing. At the same time, LED products are increasingly perceived as replacements for conventional light bulbs and energy-saving lights. The latest generation of LEDs for general lighting purposes are now commercially available in light bulb format. In this way, conventional lighting sources can be easily replaced, which presents tremendous market potential over the next few decades.

Saves energy compared to conventional light bulbs

Comparison of halogen, energy-saving, and LED lights

Public programs promote the technology

Public regulation and promotional measures in many countries, especially in the Asian markets, are ensuring that LED technology will catch on. The consequence is a healthy, dynamic investment climate in the LED industry that will benefit all market participants. 

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