Planetary Reactor or Showerhead concept – maximum performance for our MOCVD systems

MOCVD, compound semiconductors

Core technology for diverse processes

5x200 mm Epi Wafer in AIX G5+ Reaktor

MOCVD, GaN-on-Si

This is where cutting-edge technology for the future is created

(PE)CVD, graphene and carbon nanomaterials

Investing in technology

OVPD and PVPD, organic semiconductors

Optimized solutions for various markets

ALD, silicon semiconductors

AIXTRON is a pioneer for key technologies

MOCVD, compound semiconductors

Material categories

AIXTRON brings innovative technologies in mature systems to the market. We specialize in three strategic markets that make use of our leading material coating technologies: compound semiconductors, silicon semiconductors and organic semiconductors.

Compound semiconductors

In the area of compound semiconductors, our product portfolio offers MOCVD production and research systems with a Planetary Reactor or Close Coupled Showerhead concept for manufacturing LEDs, solar cells, and power electronics.

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Organic semiconductors (APEVA SE)

Organic semiconductors

AIXTRON offers revolutionary technologies for controlled small-molecule deposition. These are especially effective for material systems used to produce organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), as well as for the controlled deposition of polymer-based coating systems.

Organic Vapor Phase Deposition (OVPD) is an innovative technology for the thin-film deposition of organic “small molecules” based on the gas phase transport principle.

Polymer Vapor Phase Deposition (PVPD) is a technology for the controlled deposition and in-situ interlinking of polymer-based thin-film structures.

OPTACAP™ technology is based on plasma-enhanced CVD deposition and employs a proprietary source design which combines scalability with high throughput at low process temperatures and yields inorganic barrier films with excellent flexibility.

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Nanomaterials: incredibly small with huge benefits

The BM (Black Magic) range of systems is a turnkey solution for the production of graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanofibers and nanowires. These innovative systems are based upon thermal CVD and plasma enhanced processes. The materials produced by our BM systems can be used in a variety of applications including transistors, interconnects, flexible electronics, energy storage, thermal management, sensors and filters.

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