Our technologies – relied upon every day


Our equipment is used wherever future-oriented technologies are emerging. For example, our high-efficiency MOCVD systems serve as the basis for manufacturing LEDs, laser diodes, and solar and photovoltaic cells. And we also supply innovative production systems for high-frequency transistors and power electronics devices.

A light option: organic LEDs

Another exciting future-oriented field is deposition technology for manufacturing organic semiconductor materials. Organic LEDs are utilized wherever large-surface light and color installations are needed. In addition, they are so thin that they can be flexibly applied to a diverse range of materials. Invisible light sources on walls and windows, electronic paper, and flexible displays open brand new possibilities for future products.

Next generation electronics using nanomaterials

We recognize the important role that new materials will play in electronics of the future. Hence, we are pushing the technological barriers in developing innovative growth technologies for the synthesis of novel materials such as graphene, carbon nanotubes and nanowires. Users of our BM systems are today developing applications, such as transistors, interconnects, flexible electronics, energy storage, thermal management, sensors and filters, based upon these new materials.