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Directors' Dealings - Archive

Disclosure of Directors' Dealings according to Sec. 15a WpHG*

The following transactions with shares/securities or rights (Directors' Dealings*) of the respective notifying party have recently been disclosed to AIXTRON SE (Dornkaulstr. 2, 52134 Herzogenrath/Germany) as an issuer subject to the publication requirements:



*Pursuant to § 15a of the German Securities Trading Act, individuals having managerial responsibilities at an issuer are required to notify both the issuer and the German Federal Authority for Financial Services (BaFin) of their own dealings in shares of the issuer or in related financial instruments. This requirement also applies to certain persons closely associated with these individuals (e.g. spouses, dependent children, legal entities). 

For further information on the disclosure and publication requirements according to Section 15a WpHG we refer to the webpages of the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) at www.bafin.de