Education and science not only play a central role for AIXTRON as a high-tech company, but are also indispensable for societal progress. Therefore, we strive to give our employees the opportunity to develop their interests and skills. One of the basic principles for supporting the development of specialists and managers is the annual appraisal interview, in which the qualification requirements for current and future tasks are determined.

The AIXTRON Academy offers all employees the opportunity to further their education. Here, internal training courses are offered by external trainers as well as training courses and lectures by colleagues. The seminars offered cover a wide range of topics.

We want to offer our employees an attractive and motivating working environment so that they may strike a balance between work and private interests. A regulation which allows our employees to determine their own work period as far as possible and to adapt it to individual needs is the basis for this.


For us, diversity not only means equal opportunities, but also an increase in innovative strength and competitiveness. The AIXTRON Group's corporate culture includes a diverse workforce, an appropriate gender balance and a balanced age structure. All AIXTRON employees experience the same esteem, respect and opportunities. We attach importance to equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of social, societal and cultural characteristics.

Commitment to diversity

By signing the "Charter of Diversity", we at AIXTRON have committed ourselves to creating and ensuring a workplace free of prejudice and exclusion.


As a leading technology company, we need the best people. We therefore attach particular importance to the training of our junior staff. This is not only a social obligation, but also enables us to further develop our company. A well-founded training secures the best and most qualified employees. For this reason, we have been training in technical and commercial professions for years. In this way, we give young people the opportunity to prove themselves, to develop and contribute their strengths to our company. Our common goal: to shape the technology of the future.




The demographic development has strongly influenced the health aspect. Our success is the result of our staff’s efficiency and motivation, which is why their health and well-being are particularly important to us. Important aspects not only include the support of our employees in the event of illness and during reintegration, but also preventative health care and avoiding illness. At our production sites in Germany and the United Kingdom, we support targeted measures to promote the health of our employees. These include, for example, health care measures that are regularly offered or supported by the company, but also various sports activities. A regular occupational medical examination by our company doctor is obligatory for all employees.