We conduct our business in all countries with decency and respect. It goes without saying that all applicable laws, regulations and rules must be strictly adhered to. We expect the same from our contractors, consultants, agents and other representatives. AIXTRON's suppliers have their own manual, which sets out binding rules for business cooperation. Conduct in violation of the law or regulations will not be tolerated and will be rigorously pursued.

AIXTRON expects its contractors to comply with the reporting requirements applicable to their employees, products and processes and to consider their conduct and ethical principles to be the highest corporate responsibility.

In our guidelines we define our demands on the conduct of our employees and business partners. The integrity of action plays an important role here. All our contractors are required to comply with the Code of Conduct and Ethics, the Anti-Corruption Policy and all other compliance policies.

In addition, a regular training programme for all employees worldwide consolidates and deepens the necessary knowledge with regard to the preventive fight against corruption and bribery. We convey the content through face-to-face events and e-learning courses. Participation in compliance training courses is mandatory for all employees and is evaluated by our Compliance Office. We also train our employees in exposed functions and national companies on the basis of a risk assessment.