We want customers to be able to start mass production as quickly as possible.

Organic films of up to six square meters.

Why we are working flat out on OLED technology.

Planned in line with customer requirements: the new OLED demo cluster.

The recently commissioned demo cluster means that our customers can produce OLEDs very flexibly and more quickly. The cluster comprises several process modules for the deposition of organic materials on 200 x 200 mm substrates (Gen1). This enables us to demonstrate the benefits of our deposition technologies at the production level. The core of the new demonstrator consists of three OVPD modules and a PVPD™ module, which have been embedded in an automated cluster environment and extended to include various process modules and the associated infrastructure.

Video Organic Demo Cluster (OEC 200)

Gen8: We coat to sizes larger than a king size bed

We will also demonstrate the strengths of our gas-phase technology as part of a cooperation on Gen8 substrates on an area of roughly 6 square meters – that is larger than a king size bed, about 2.3 x 2.5 meters. The project is called OLAD (Organic Large Area Demonstrator), in which organic films are produced for display screen manufacture.

Video Installation Gen8 OLED-Demonstrator

Innovation is cooperation

The new Gen 8 demonstrator makes it possible for the first time to demonstrate the benefits of our patented OVPD process technology to manufacture organic light-emitting diodes for displays and lighting applications cost-effectively, efficiently and in an industrially relevant size. Only by cooperating with scientists and manufacturers can we build bridges between research and application – from the molecule to large-scale application.