“I love that AIXTRON supports employees with families and promotes social integration."

Entry-level hires

Georges Kameni, Software Engineer, born in 1980 in Cameroon, married, 1 child

“I have a lot of creative freedom and optimal prospects here.”

Entry-level hires

Eduardo Sufan Pineiro, CFD Research Engineer, born in Chile in 1983, studied in Germany

If you have a university degree, we want to meet you!

Did you pass all your examinations? Now that you’re ready to work, are you wondering how to get your career started? There should be a company out there that offers good prospects and lets you unleash your potential, right? At AIXTRON, you’ve come to the right place.

AIXTRON gives university graduates a qualified start to a rewarding career based on an intensive and well-organized orientation phase. Our individually tailored support serves as ideal preparation for your new job in our company. We assist employees from abroad, answering any questions they have regarding their jobs, as well as living and working in a new country. Whether you’re coming from abroad or are taking a position overseas, count on us to assist you to get settled.

We value your theoretical knowledge and real-world experiences in diverse fields, and we are always interested in your personal objectives. At AIXTRON, you can get involved in projects and manage your career right from the start.

Long-term internships – Your opportunity to get started at AIXTRON

In terms of experience, it takes a while to really understand how a company works. And that makes long-term internships an exciting option. Whether they last four, six, or even 12 months, a long-term internship gives you a chance to answer the following questions:

  • Does the job profile meet my personal expectations?
  • Do I have the necessary prerequisites?
  • Is AIXTRON’s corporate culture a good fit for me?
  • Do I fit into AIXTRON’s corporate culture?


Did we spark your interest in a long-term internship at AIXTRON?

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