Questions about your application

How far in advance of the desired hire date should I apply?

It takes time to review your application and organize the selection process. Not only that, various departments have specific hiring dates. That means you should always apply as soon as possible. Different jobs have different application deadlines. You can apply for a job as soon as it is advertised.

How long does the application process take?

We will view your application and quickly forward it to the relevant specialist department. We try to give you feedback on your application within two weeks. If the feedback is positive and you are also successful in the subsequent selection processes, then you can expect it to take from one to three months between applying and actually receiving an offer.

The length of time is influenced by various factors and may vary depending on the specific job advertised. As many people are involved, it may be difficult to find a date for the job interview, for example. And if you sent your application at a very early stage of proceedings, then the whole process may take a little longer.

Who should I address my application to?

The job adverts usually name a contact partner. You should otherwise address your application to the HR department responsible for the group company where you would like to apply. If in doubt, our team would be pleased to offer you guidance in a quick telephone call.

What type of application do you prefer?

In general, you can submit your application documents by post, mail, or using our online application form. We prefer paper-free applications sent by mail or our online form. That is easier, quicker, and more manageable.

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